Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Japanese Style Steak Salad

6 oz leftover steak

2 tsp vegetable oil

1 tsp sesame oil

2 tsp soy sauce

2 tsp sesame seeds

1 bag of prepackaged Asian salad mix

Serves 2

All right, let’s face it. We are busy people. Even the most motivated cooks have nights when they just aren’t up to the challenge. And with food prices being as high as they are, I thought I would show you just one of my favorite ways to eat up leftovers. This light meal is perfect for those nights when you just don’t have the energy to spend the evening in the kitchen. You can have this whole meal ready and on the table in under 10 minutes.

Start by preparing salad as directed on the package. Don't make it too difficult, just dump everything in the bowl add the dressing, mix it up an set aside.

Next, thinly slice your steak and trim off any unwanted fat.

In a sauce pan, heat vegetable oil and sesame oils until hot. Add in the steak and sesame seeds and sauté for about 3-4 minutes or until the seeds begin to brown and the steak gets crispy.

De-glaze the pan with the soy sauce, and serve meat over the prepared salad. Enjoy!


blondhokie07 said...

Where do you get sesame seeds? I can never seem to find them. I do have sesame oil--NEVER used it! I am glad to see a way to use it now. Thanks girl

The Cook said...

You can find sesame seeds on the spice isle at the grocery store. Sometimes you can also get 'em in the bulk bins at health food stores too. Your welcome!