Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ate Out Yesterday...

Yesterday I went to Panara Bread for lunch with friends. See, that's where I get to cheat....It's the "with friends" part that keeps that specific outing in line with my goals. The main purpose of this "month off" is to teach myself that with a little bit of disipline, I can save myself money and calories if I just plan ahead a bit. I however do not plain on curbing my social lifestyle.

Monday's pizza turned out fabulous, and I even made enough to send John off with some for lunch. I really think leftovers will be the key to success here because there is just no excuse for not finding the energy to heat something up for 60 seconds in the microwave, ya know?

Take today for example:

Breakfast: Leftover pancakes.
Lunch: Leftover egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread and some cherries

For dinner I am planning a beef and bean stirfry with a hefty serving of thai basil from my garden. See this recipe for the basics. Sub out any veggies or meats you want!

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John said...

I made an Egg salad sandwhich for lunch but threw two slices of ham on there, and some extra mayo...the ham was really good on it!