Monday, August 3, 2009

I'll be Eating In, Thank You

I'm back! At least for now.... Ever since our move into a new house, things have been just so busy that my blogging has fallen to the wayside.

Hopefully I will still continue to post recipes and pictures, but for now, I am going to ease back into the blogosphere by posting about my latest scheme to eat more healthy/ save money/ save the world, etc. Ok, maybe the world will not be saved, but I HAVE set a pretty lofty goal for myself.

The goal is to not eat out for an entire month! Save for planned outings with friends, I will be cooking all meals at home and enjoying them! No more random stops at Wendy's while rushing around, or lazy nights when a hectic day has made cooking seem impossible. The perks here will be that I will splurge a bit on ingredients when I really want something. Yesterday for instance I had a bowl full of fresh veggies marinated in a delicious ginger dressing and an entire 1/2 pound fillet of pecan crusted catfish from Whole Foods for only 5 bucks...the cost of a crappy hamburger at McDonalds!

So here goes nothin'

Day 1 Breakfast: Coffee and a homemade granola bar leftover from this weekends bake sale. Yummy!

For lunch, I'll have to see what I can throw together...

Dinner: I've got some homemade pizza crust in the fridge, all set and ready for grilled BBQ chicken pizza this evening.

How often do you eat out? I think I was about 4 times a week...


Kerry Osborne said...

Welcome back to your blog!! I've missed reading your recipes!! You'll have to send me your recipe for homemade pizza crust -- I actually tried a recipe this weekend but it was horribly yeasty and not very good.

Hope you're doing well!

Kelly H said...

Love the idea!! The Hermans need to do this as well!!!

The Cook said...

Ohhh! I have an easy recipe for Pizza, and will post it soon.