Friday, August 7, 2009

That Was Easy

So far so good! I only ate out once this week.

Let me just say how lucky I am though! My mother lives about 2 miles away, and is retired, AND loves to cook. That means that goodies are constantly getting sent my way. Just yesterday, and I must admit this was a particularly generous day, I received gifts of shrimp and pesto pasta, lasagna, and home made North Carolina style pulled pork BBQ. Now who needs eating on the run when you have treasures like these partying it up in your fridge.

Now that my husband is brewing beer at our house, you may never see us out again! But visit.


Beth said...

What a nice mother you have!

kherman said...

Yes, I was privileged to tour and taste at the brewery, and I must say I am impressed!

Yum to all the goodies!! :)